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Picture Frame Size, Picture Frame Size Guide, Memory Box

Picture Frame Size Guide

You’ve posed for the shot. You’ve taken the picture. You might have even added that Instagram filter to spice it up a little bit. It’s a fantastic picture and you want to get it printed off and framed – and that’s where the difficulty starts. What size frame? What style frame? Should I have the photo backed? All reasonable questions have reasonable answers if you take the time to explore them.

Most Popular Picture Frame Sizes  

Choosing the perfect picture frame size is easier than you probably think, especially since there are so many different photo sizes to choose from. Most popular sizes include 5×7 and 8×10, but both can be adapted to accommodate alternative sized photos, with some careful design backing.

Imperial (inches)Metric (cm)
4 x 610 x 15
5 x 713 x 18
8 x 1020 x 25
10 x 1224 x 30
12 x 830 x 20
12 x 1230 x 30
12 x 1630 x 40
14 x 1035 x 25
20 x 1650 x 40
24 x 2060 x 50
Most popular picture frame sizes

How to Choose The Right Picture Frame Size

Navigating your way around a picture frame measuring guide doesn’t have to be difficult at all but we’re made it all that bit easier with our simple frame size guide – meaning your photo doesn’t have to go in a frame that matches precisely with the photo’s dimensions. Photos mounted in larger frames stand out from the crowd and allow your photo to shine. You should consider the space you’re thinking of displaying your photo in carefully before deciding on the frame size.

Picture Frame Size, Picture Frame Size Guide, Memory Box

Picture Frame Guide

Usually, for an image size of 4 x 6 inches, you could use a 6 x 8 or 8 x10 inches frame. Here’s a general guide to help you. 

Image sizeFrame size
4 x 66 x 8, 8 x 10
5 x 78 x 10, 11 x 14
8 x 1011 x 14, 12 x 14
11 x 1416 x 20; 17 x 20
12 x 1613 x 17; 16 x 20
12 x 1813 x 19 or larger
16 x 2020 x 24, 24 x 28
20 x 3024 x 36
22 x 3230 x 40
Picture frame guide

However, all the picture frame sizes on our site refer to the size of the print you want to place inside. So, you can just measure the print and we make sure the frame will fit it like a glove.

What is the Size of a Standard Picture Frame?

For classic 35 mm photography and photo albums, we use the standard 4 x 6 inch. This size is also perfect for picture walls and other types of collages. 

So, standard picture frames range from between 6×8 inches and A4 sized certificate frames – and all the sizes in between. Preference is important, and photo quality is naturally a consideration when choosing frame size.

Whatever size you choose to print your photo – your frame can be chosen specifically to match with your requirements. Working with frames that hold traditionally sized photos are much easier to find – with over 160,000 different picture frames available through our service, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

InchCmMostly used for
4 x 610.16 x 15.24Standard photo size for photo walls/collages
6 x 815.24 x 20.32Standard photo size with different matting/ mounts
8 x 1020.32 x 25.4Standard photo size with different matting/ mounts
5 x 712.7 x 17.78Photo focused on a specific person
11 x 1427.94 x 35.56Photo focused on a specific person + matting/mount
8 x 1020.32 x 25.4Also standard for group photos, without matting
12 x 1430.48 x 35.56Standard for group photos, with additional matting/picture mounts
16 x 2040.64 x 50.8Small posters
20 x 2473.66 x 60.96Small posters with matting/ picture mounts
24 x 2860.96 x 71.12Small posters with matting/ picture mounts
22 x 3255.88 x 81.28Larger posters (don’t need much matting)
Standard picture frame sizes

Picture Frames For 5×7 Photos

Photos that are sized at 5×7 are standard photo sizes and naturally, are one of the most popular photo type. As the image will be quite small in size, styling the photo appropriately for the space is key. Some people choose to position the photo in a matching sized frame – the photo fits snugly within the frame and is the focal point of a small frame.

In the same way, another way of ensuring that your photo stands out is to mount the photo itself on a coloured outline prior to inserting it into a larger sized frame. This is particularly useful if you want to include the photo within a larger space, where a smaller frame would not fit appropriately. If you want the photo to fit seamlessly in with photos you already have, a thin coloured rainbow flat photo frame such as the one below may be well suited. 

Picture Frame Size, Picture Frame Size Guide, Memory Box

What Size Frame Do I Need for a 10×15 Picture?

Picture Frame Size, Picture Frame Size Guide, Memory Box

A 10×15 photo isn’t necessarily a standard photo size so you’ll find you have to size up to allow for it to fit. Allow space around the outside of the photo for matting – a thick border around the image – and display your photo pride of place.

On the other hand, if you’re specifically looking for a frame that measures 10×15, you might opt for our frame builder service – forget compromise, get exactly what you were looking for. It still allows for that little bit of jazz but looks sophisticated and sleek. More ornate frames such as this vintage spoon photo frame or the shabby chic spoon photo frame may suit the more extravagantly decorated home.

What are the Standard Painting Sizes?

The general rule of thumb for displaying paintings on walls is that they should be around 75% of the width of the furniture the painting will be displayed against – proportions are key. Standard paintings are displayed at 24-by-36 inches, 30-by-40 inches and 36-by-48 inches. We can provide ready made frames for images of sizes as large as 24×36 inches, giving you the scope to display any painting prints within your home with absolutely no bother whatsoever.

Size (inch)Exact size in cmType of Canvas
16 x 2040.64 x 50.8Small canvas (most used)
18 x 2445.72 x 60.96Small canvas but with more generous space
20 x 2450.8 x 60.96Medium canvas (for larger walls)
24 x 2660.96 x 66.04Medium canvas (for larger walls)
24 x 3660.96 x 91.44Medium canvas (for larger walls)
22 x 3455.88 x 86.36Medium canvas (for larger walls)
30 X 4076.2 x 101.6Large canvas (for big spaces)
36 x 4891.44 x 121.92Large canvas (for big spaces)
48 x 72121.92 x 182.88Extremely large canvas, used by professional painters
Standard painting sizes

Panoramic Picture Frame Dimensions

Panoramic frames are usually meant for artworks and paintings. They add a sense of elegance to your prints and your decor. Usually, panoramic picture frames come with some considerable matting. 

The most popular panoramic picture frame dimensions are:

Print size (inches)Frame size (inches)
4 x 128 x 16
4 x 208 x 24
5 x 1510 x 20
6 x 1211 x 17; 12 x 18
6 x 1812 x 24
8 x 1612 x 20
8 x 2412 x 28
8 x 3212 x 36; 13 x 38
10 x 2016 x 26; 20 x 30
10 x 3016 x 36
12 x 2418 x 30; 20 x 31
12 x 3616 x 40
Panoramic picture frame dimensions

Square Picture Frame Sizes Guide

Square picture frames are usually used in minimalist decors. They’re sleek, even, and also make for a perfect photo wall. 

The most popular print sizes you can fit in our square frames are these: 

Imperial size (inch)Metric Size (cm)
10 x 1030 x 30
12 x 1240 x 40
14 x 1450 x 50
15 x 1560 x 60
Square picture frame sizes

The Standard Paper Format and Sizes 

The standard A paper format is used internationally for print measurements. We all know what an A4 paper looks like, and we have also dealt with A1 – A2 canvases in school or so. However, what size are these A format paper standards anyway? 

For example, most of our frames are also available in all standard paper sizes from A1 to A5. What size is A3? Or A4? Let’s see. 

A formatPrint size in InchesPrint size in Cm
A046.8 x 33.1118.9 x 84.1
A133.1 x 23.484.1 x 59.4
A223.4 x 16.559.4 x 42
A316.5 x 11.742 x 29.7
A411.7 x 8.329.7 x 21
A58.3 x 5.821 x 14.8
A65.8 x 4.114.8 x 10.5
A74.1 x. 2.910.5 x 7.4
A82.9 x 2.07.4 x 5.2
A92.0 x 1.55.2 x 3.7
A101.5 x 1.03.7 x 2.6
Standard paper format and sizes

As you can see, the whole A standard system relies on a simple equation: two of one size equal the next size up, i.e 2 x A2 side by side will make a 1A. Pretty simple, right?

 Picture Mount Size Guide

To prevent your photographs and artworks from touching the glass or the cover of the frame, we recommend you opt for a picture mount. Apart from protecting your photographs, it also enhances them.

Frame mounts provide much-needed breathing space between the canvas and the frame itself while also adding an intriguing and engaging shadow line to the edges of the picture, opening it all up to curious eyes.

But how about print – picture mount sizes?

Print Size (standard paper size/ inches)Picture Mount Size (standard paper size/ inches)
A320 X 16
A414 X 11; 16 X 12; A3
A510 X 8; A4
9 x 712 x 10; 14 x 11; A4
8 x 89 x 9; 10 x 10; 12 x 12; 14 x 14
10 x 1012 x 12; 14 x 14; 16 x 16
10 x 6A4
12 x 8; 14 x 10; 12 x 10; 12 x 916 x 12
14 x 1117 x 14
16 x 12; 15 x 10; 16 x 1120 x 16
Picture mount size guide


This is probably a lot to soak in, so when you need help to find the best frame for your artworks or photographs, don’t hesitate to check this guide again. 

To make it easier for you, for all our photo frames we mention the size of the print you want to put inside, so you don’t need to worry about fitting it in. If you’re looking for more than specific standard sizes, don’t forget you can customize the frames for those measurements. For any questions, we’re here to help!

Until then, don’t forget life is made of moments, and we need to capture and treasure them all. 

Picture Frame Size, Picture Frame Size Guide, Memory Box
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